12th Rock


Public perception about youth sports often goes something like this: Involving my kids in sports programs will build great attributes into their lives such as teamwork, camaraderie, work ethic, and athleticism. It will set the stage for athletic prowess that will carry them confidently through school and beyond. Sadly, that’s not the norm. In some cases, the opposite happens. When a sports experience goes sideways, it can cause more damage to children/families, than good.

12th Rock has proven that, to achieve the desired results through sports, the experience must start with a “Culture of Excellence” set forth by the organization hosting the events.

Our kids deserve that start; they deserve that positive sports experience. Statistics show that most kids don’t go pro. Therefore, at 12th Rock, it's our mission to set a life foundation for them beyond sports by infusing our Culture of Excellence Pledge into everything we do.

We understand the bridge between the “way it should be” and actually making it happen.

We believe in serving each person, and our community, as our neighbor, and answering to a higher calling for our mark of excellence.

We are 12th Rock and WE ARE a Culture of Excellence!